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In the following list, you'll find the contact information for all National Geospatial Technical Operations Center (NGTOC) Senior Staff through Branch Chief members.  We look forward to connecting with you!


Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Cartographer Erik Ahl 303-202-4733
Cartographer James E Almekinder 573-308-2719
NGTOC Associate of Innovation Phyllis Altheide 573-308-3813
Cartographer David S Anderson 573-308-3598
Cartographer Emily Anderson 303-202-4124
Elevation-derived Hydrography Applied Researcher Christy-Ann M. Archuleta 573-308-3574
Geographer Vanessa Baez 573-308-3500
Ext: 3619
Management and Program Assistant Lori Benavente 573-308-3800
Cartographer, GIS Support Specialist Brendan Berve 303-202-4175
Supervisory Geographer Hannah Boggs 303-202-4482
Commercial Partnership Team - GPSC Michael Bradford 573-308-3629
Director, National Geospatial Directorate David A Brostuen 303-202-4004
Program Analyst Richard E Brown 573-308-3525
Agreements Analyst Leslie Burns 573-308-3666
Cartographer Tanya Buxton Torres 303-202-4185
IT Specialist James M Cameron 573-308-3610
Geographer Marcelle Caturia 303-202-4401
Physical Scientist Charles Conley 573-308-3948
Cartographer Tatyana Dimascio 303-202-4206
Delivery Project Manager Robert Djurasaj 303-202-4538
Geographer Samantha Doering 303-202-4204
Supervisory Cartographer Patrick F Emmett 573-308-3587
Budget Analyst Angela Feeler 573-308-3947
IT Specialist Lister B Florence, Jr. 573-308-3915
Cartographer Wes Gillman 573-308-3590
Cartographer Christopher Helm 303-202-4348
Science Systems Development Section Chief David R Hughes 303-202-4112
Program Analyst Ally Johnson 573-308-3560
Cartographer Alex Katz 303-202-4274
Geographer Alexander J Kaufman 303-202-4549
Standards Specialist James Kaufmann 578-308-3597
Deputy Associate Director Darcee Killpack 303-202-4115
Cartographer - Lidar QA Sarah Klaas 573-308-3648
Commercial Partnership Lead Walter Kloth 303-202-4334
Supervisory Geographer Erin Korris 303-202-4503
Cartographer Travis Hawkins Landauer 303-202-2463
Admin Support Asst, USAccess Site Manager Theresa D Lewis 573-308-3599
Physical Research Scientist Jung kuan (Ernie) Liu
Director Kim Mantey 303-202-4508
Chief, Cartographic Applied Research Section William J Marken 573-308-3532
Information Specialist James Maxwell 573-308-3580
Supervisory Cartographer Maria McCormick 303-202-4295
GIS Applied Researcher Barry Y Miller 303-202-4015
Hydrogeologist Cynthia Miller-Corbett 303-202-4407
Cartographer Blake Naito 303-202-4382
Geographer Somayeh Nasrollahi-Tari 303-202-4113
Cartographer Lily Niknami 303-202-4559
Technical Management for DBMS Operations Jerry Ornelas 303-202-4143
Cartographer Robert Osadetz 303-202-4207
Geographer Scott Owens 573-308-3628
Physical Scientist Charles E M Pederson 573-308-3949
Cartographer Brian Pfeiffer 303-202-4435
Elevation Applied Researcher Lori A Phillips 573-308-3547
System Administrator Edmund E Phillips, III 573-308-3583
Deputy Associate for Operations Ray Postolovski 303-202-4363
IT SPECIALIST (SYSADMIN) Gary Prochilo 303-202-4336
Geographer Kevin W Romero 303-202-4480
Supervisory Cartographer Philip Rufe 573-308-3546
Cartographer Theodore Schulz 303-202-4468
CEGIS Section Chief/ Supervisory Geographer Ethan Shavers, PhD 573-308-3688
Program Analyst Nathan Singleton 573-308-3542
Geography Trainee William Sjulstad 303-202-4145
Cartographer and National NHD POC Joel J Skalet 608-238-9333
Ext: 152
Research Cartographer Larry Stanislawski 573-308-3914
Cartographer Andrew Stauffer 303-202-4534
Cartographer Ryan Teter, GISP 303-202-4184
Computer Scientist Philip Thiem 573-308-3514
Cartographer Michael Tinker 303-202-4476
Research Physical Scientist Dalia E Varanka, PhD 573-308-3897
Geographer Frank Velasquez 303-202-4546
Administrative Operations Assistant Erica N Volkmer 573-308-3667
Geographer Seth Webinger 303-202-4164
Geographer Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) Jayna Winehouse 303-202-4502
Data Management Specialist Amber Wittner 303-202-4335
Shared Services Manager Kevin L Wood 573-308-3584