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Coral Diseases

Coral disease is now one of the major causes of reef degradation and coral mortality. First reported on reefs in the Florida Keys and Caribbean in the 1970s, black band disease was first recorded in Hawaii in 1994.

USGS scientists are employing microarray technology to characterize microbial communities in diseased and healthy coral species to understand coral disease processes and causes. Microarray technology allows scientists to get a taxonomic overview of the shifts in microbial communities between healthy and diseased corals, between species of corals, and between different geographic areas. Scientists also are comparing methods of preserving environmental DNA samples of corals.


Cooperative Research

Marine Invertebrate Diseases — National Wildlife Health Center Honolulu Field Station

Coral Bleaching and Disease: Effects on Threatened Corals and Reefs — Wetland and Aquatic Research Center

Coral Microbial Ecology — St. Petersburg Coastal and Marine Science Center


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