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Year Published: 1987

Aggressive encounters between tundra swans and greater white-fronted geese during brood rearing

Interspecific aggression in waterfowl (Anatidae) is relatively common (McKinney 1965; Kear 1972; Savard 1982, 1984), but interactions leading to mortality of one of the combatants are rarely-observed in the wild. A recent debate (Livezey and Humphrey 1985a, 1985b; Nuechterlein and Storer 1985a, 1985b; Murray 1985) has centered on the proximate and...

Ely, Craig R.; Budeau, David A.; Swain, Una G.

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The ecology of Humboldt Bay, California, an estuarine profile

Synthesizes data on the ecological relationships and functions of the estuary, including information on physical aspects of the bay environment; describes the biotic communities and their relationships; provides management considerations in terms including environmental concerns; and identifies research and management information gaps....

Barnhart, R.A.; Boyd , M.J. ; Pequegnat, J.E.