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The Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit Program was conceived and initiated in Iowa by the cartoonist, political satirist, and conservationist J. N. "Ding" Darling. In the early 1930s, Darling was the commissioner of the Iowa Fish and Game Commission when he created the cooperative wildlife research unit as a joint venture of Iowa State College and the Iowa Fish and Game Commission.


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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Research Wildlife Biologist David Andersen, PhD 612-626-1222
Research Fish Biologist Paul Angermeier, PhD 540-231-4501
Research Wildlife Biologist David Ausband, PhD
Research Ecologist Javan M. Bauder, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Clint Boal, PhD 806-834-6536
Research Fish Biologist Scott Bonar, PhD 520-621-1193
Research Fish Biologist Luke M. Bower, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Shannon Brewer, PhD 334-844-9237
Research Wildlife Biologist Erin K Buchholtz, PhD 970-226-9309
Research Fish Biologist Phaedra Budy, PhD 435-797-7564
Research Wildlife Biologist James Cain, III, PhD 575-646-3382
Research Fish Biologist Andrew K. Carlson, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Raymond R. Carthy, PhD 352-846-0545
Research Ecologist Anna Chalfoun, PhD 307-766-6966
Budget and Financial Technician Roberta Chaves
Research Ecologist Christian Che-Castaldo, PhD 608-264-0809
Information Specialist Dawn Childs
Research Fish Biologist Steve Chipps, PhD 605-688-5467
Research Wildlife Biologist Jaime Collazo, PhD 919-515-8837
Research Ecologist Sarah J Converse, PhD 301-497-5635
Research Wildlife Biologist Courtney Conway, PhD 208-885-6176
Administrative Officer Shana Coulby 703-648-4361
Research Wildlife Biologist Shawn Crimmins, PhD
Administrative Program Specialist Brenda Croston 703-648-4263
Research Fish Biologist Melanie Culver, PhD 520-626-3775
Research Ecologist Melanie Davis, PhD 614-519-3107
Research Wildlife Biologist Brett A. DeGregorio, PhD
Administrative Officer Terrie Delinski 703-648-7649
Senior Program Biologist Don Dennerline, PhD 706-705-6042
Research Wildlife Biologist Duane Diefenbach, PhD 814-865-4511
Research Wildlife Biologist Grace V. DiRenzo, PhD 413-545-4888
Research Wildlife Biologist Terri Donovan, PhD 802-656-2516
Research Ecologist Katie Dugger, PhD 541-737-2473
Research Fish Biologist Corey G. Dunn, PhD
Research Ecologist Matthew Falcy, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Jeffrey Falke, PhD 907-474-6044
Research Wildlife Biologist Mark Ford, PhD 540-231-5927
Research Wildlife Biologist Drew N. Fowler, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Angela Fuller, PhD 607-255-2841
Research Ecologist David Fulton, PhD 612-625-5256
Administrative Program Specialist Derek Geary 703-648-4380
Management Analyst Amanda Gelsomin 703-648-4266
Research Ecologist Brian Gerber, PhD 970-491-1415
Research Wildlife Biologist Laura C. Gigliotti, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Tim Grabowski, PhD 806-834-4388
Research Wildlife Biologist Steven M. Grodsky, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Christopher Guy, PhD 406-994-3491
Research Ecologist Dave Haukos, PhD 785-532-5761
Research Fish Biologist Mark Henderson, PhD 707-826-5644
Safety and Occupational Health Specialist Zack Holcomb 785-832-3558
Research Ecologist Jared J. Homola, PhD 517-214-7039
Research Wildlife Biologist Nathan J Hostetter, PhD
Research Ecologist Elizabeth A. Hunter, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Brian Irwin, PhD 706-542-0790
Biologist Elise Irwin, PhD 334-703-1663
Research Fish Biologist Dan Isermann, PhD 715-295-8878
Biologist (Social Scientist) Megan S. Jones, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Matthew Kauffman, PhD 307-766-6404
Research Ecologist Bill Kendall, PhD 970-491-7066
Research Wildlife Biologist Sammy King, PhD 225-578-7564
Research Wildlife Biologist Bob Klaver, PhD 515-294-7639
Research Fish Biologist Megan La Peyre, PhD 225-578-4180
Research Ecologist Abigail Lawson, PhD 301-497-5722
Supervisory Biologist Cyndy Loftin, PhD 207-581-2843
Research Fish Biologist James M. Long, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Robert C. Lonsinger, PhD 484-459-1977
Research Fish Biologist Dan Magoulick, PhD 479-575-5449
Research Fish Biologist Martha Mather, PhD 413-329-2105
Program Chief Jonathan Mawdsley, PhD 571-643-1922
Research Fish Biologist Pat Mazik, PhD 304-293-4943
Biologist - Data Scientist Tess McConnell, AWB®
Research Wildlife Biologist Conor McGowan, PhD 334-844-9231
Biologist (Social Scientist) Alex McInturff, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Leandro Miranda, PhD 662-325-4763
Research Fish Biologist Michael J. Moore, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Jeffrey D. Muehlbauer, PhD 907-474-5773
Research Ecologist Christina A. Murphy, PhD
Programs and Partnerships Coordinator Caroline E. Murphy, AWB® 703-817-6696
Research Wildlife Biologist Tristan Nuñez, PhD 207-581-2915
Research Fish Biologist Reynaldo Patino, PhD 806-834-6483
Research Fish Biologist Craig Paukert, PhD 573-882-3524
Research Fish Biologist Jim Peterson, PhD 541-737-1963
Administrative Program Assistant Sumina Pokharel (703) 648-4264
Research Fish Biologist Kevin L. Pope, PhD 402-472-7028
Research Wildlife Biologist Abby Powell, PhD 352-846-0543
Research Ecologist Kasey Pregler, PhD 575-646-8126
Research Fish Biologist Michael C. Quist, PhD 208-885-4064
Research Ecologist Lillian T. Raz, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Caleb P. Roberts, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Kelly F. Robinson, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Mark Rogers, PhD 931-372-3032
Research Fish Biologist Jane Rogosch, PhD
Research Ecologist Amanda Rosenberger, PhD 573-882-9653
Research Fish Biologist Allison Roy, PhD 413-545-4895
Research Ecologist Mark D. Scheuerell, PhD
Research Ecologist Sarah N. Sells, PhD
Safety and Occupational Health Specialist Brent Sigafus 520-670-6671
Research Fish Biologist Nicholas Som, PhD 707- 826 -5645
Research Wildlife Biologist Sarah A Sonsthagen, PhD 402-472-0449
Research Ecologist Jonathan J. Spurgeon, PhD (573) 291-1009
Research Ecologist Joshua Stafford, PhD 605-688-5759
Research Ecologist Erica F. Stuber, PhD
Research Widlife Biologist Daniel Sullins, PhD 785-532-1405
Research Fish Biologist Chad Teal, PhD 435-797-7565
Program Analyst Melissa Thode 703-648-4265
Research Wildlife Biologist Anna Tucker, PhD 301-497-5500
Biologist Wendy Turner, PhD
Research Wildlife Biologist Jonathon J. Valente, PhD
Research Fish Biologist Tyler Wagner, PhD 814-865-4511
Research Wildlife Biologist Daniel P. Walsh, PhD 608-270-2481
Research Ecologist W. David Walter, PhD 814-867-4763
Research Ecologist Annika Walters, PhD 307-766-5473
Research Fish Biologist Lynn Waterhouse, PhD
Supervisory Biologist Lisa Webb, PhD 573-540-0634
Research Fish Biologist Stuart Welsh, PhD 304-293-5006
Research Fish Biologist Jacob T. Westhoff, PhD
Supervisory Biologist Kevin Whalen, PhD 703-269-7711
Research Ecologist Tammy L. Wilson, PhD 435-881-9151
Research Fish Biologist Dana Winkelman, PhD 970-491-1414
Research Fish Biologist Alexander Zale, PhD 406-994-2380