Are there earthquakes associated with Mount Hood?

Felt earthquakes on Mount Hood (Oregon) occur every 2 years on the average. Seismic monitoring, in effect since 1977, indicates a generalized concentration of earthquakes just south of the summit area and 2-7 kilometers below sea level. A seismic swarm in July 1980, during which nearly 60 earthquakes (mostly 5-6 kilometers deep with a maximum bodywave magnitude of 2.8) recorded in a 5-day period, prompted development of an emergency response plan to coordinate local authorities in the event of future eruption. -- From: Swanson,, 1989, IGC Field Trip T106: Cenozoic Volcanism in the Cascade Range and Columbia Plateau, Southern Washington and Northernmost Oregon: American Geophysical Union Field Trip Guidebook T106.

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snow-covered Mt. Hood volcano on the horizon overlooking tall building in city of Portland
2012 (approx.)

Mount Hood dominates the skyline outside Portland, Oregon on a clear day. A major eruption of Mount Hood would pose a great hazard to the regional economy.