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Where can I get data from core samples, or access the actual cores?

The USGS Core Research Center (CRC) is one of the largest public core repositories in the country. It's home to:

  • 9,800 rock cores (full-diameter cores and slabbed cores);
  • 53,000 well cuttings;
  • over 25,000 thin sections taken from cataloged cores and cuttings;
  • a text-based and map-based well catalog search for finding well data and information. 

This extensive collection is available for study by interested parties, but visits are by appointment only, so contact the CRC at or (303) 202-4851 to schedule an appointment. Please review these FAQs for help in planning a visit. 

The CRC also keeps a list of other federal and state core repositories around the country, and provides links to state well data.