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2015 Actions Permitted/Not Permitted During the DOI Hiring Freeze

Types of actions for which the Executive Leadership Team must approve a waiver

  • Permanent Appointments (e.g., Career/Career Conditional, Reinstatements, Transfers from other Federal agencies, Reassignments from other Department of the Interior bureaus or outside of employee’s current office/cost center)
  • Term Appointments
  • Temporary Appointments
  • Appointments that confer conversion to permanent employment  (e.g., Pathways Career Intern, VRA, Schedule A)
  • Conversions to Perm/Term (If a long-term plan is not included in the original request)

Types of actions permitted that do not require a waiver:

  • Extensions of Terms and Temporary Appointments
  • Promotions (Career Ladder & Accretions)
  • Reassignments (within the cost center)
  • Temporary Promotions (not-to-exceed 120 days)
  • Details
  • Conversions to Perm/Term (If a long-term plan is included in the original request)

As there are numerous appointing authorities, this list is not all-inclusive. Please consult your servicing Human Resources Office for additional assistance.


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