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2023 Honor Awards Call for Nominations

On behalf of the Associate Director for Natural Hazards Exercising the Delegated Authority of the Director, the Human Resources Office is requesting nominations for the honor awards listed below. These honor awards are a prestigious recognition that can be granted by the Department for career accomplishments, exceptional support of the Department or bureau mission, and bravery.

They are designed to bestow honor on an individual or group of individuals as an official recognition of achievement at all levels of the organization.

Each nomination must include a word document attachment in the Justification Section of the DI-451which can be located on Webforms. If the award is not listed on the DI-451, use the Other Awards box and fill in the title of the award. All nominations should be forwarded through the appropriate supervisory channels and must be endorsed by a member of the Executive Leadership Team (ELT).   

The Honor Awards Guide contains the information you will need to submit your award nominations.

The awards below are organized according to their deadline date.

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Shoemaker Awards The Shoemaker Lifetime Achievement Award is given
to honor a scientist who creates excitement and
enthusiasm for science among non-scientists. The
Shoemaker Award for Communications Product
Excellence recognizes information products that
excel in communicating complex scientific concepts
to internal or external non-technical audiences.

February 14 and 28, 2023

All information pertaining to the Shoemaker Product Awards
and the Shoemaker Lifetime Award is available on the
Shoemaker Awards page on @theCore, which can be found
by going to the A-Z Index.
Community for Data Integration Leadership and Innovation Award Details February 15, 2023
Rufus D. Catchings Diversity
Outreach Award
This award recognizes outstanding collaboration
between a USGS employee or team and a partnering
organization to share and encourage interest in
science with minority or underserved students.
March 2, 2023
USGS Environmental
Achievement Award (For projects completed in FY22)
This award is for 2021 accomplishments. To find
information on this Award go to @theCore and
search for Environmental Management on the
A-Z Index. Once on the SharePoint site search
for NRCAA.
April 23, 2023
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility
(DEIA) Awards
To access the Office of Diversity & Equal
Opportunity website, go to the A-Z Index
on @theCore.
May 31, 2023
Dallas Peck Outstanding Emeriti Award For Emeriti volunteers only;
DI-451 not required
May 31, 2023
Exemplary Act Award Details May 31, 2023
John Wesley Powell Award For private citizens/groups;
DI-451 not required
May 31, 2023
Meritorious Service Award Details May 31, 2023
Unit Award for Excellence
of Service
Details May 31, 2023
James R. Balsley, Jr. Awards
for Excellence in
Details on these awards are available internally
only via the Office of Administration, Office of
Policy and Analysis, or by email to the OPA
staff at
May 31, 2023
Gary L. Hill Watercraft
Safety Award
Details September 30, 2023
Safety Award of Excellence (Individual and Group) Details September 30, 2023
Excellence in Leadership and
Early Career Excellence in
Leadership Awards
Nomination Process December 31, 2023
Aviation Award Details December 31, 2023
Citizen’s Award for Bravery Details December 31, 2023
Distinguished Service Award Details December 31, 2023
Valor Award Details December 31, 2023
Citizen’s Award for
Exceptional Service
For private citizens/groups;
DI-451 not required
No deadline
Superior Service Award Details No deadline
Non-Departmental Level
Aviation Awards
(Award for In-Flight Action, Award for
Safe Flying, Award for Significant 
Contribution to Aviation Safety,
and Airwards)
No deadline

Please mark your calendars to allow enough time to gather the information you need to write strong nominations, acquire appropriate reviews and signatures, and transmittal by the deadline dates. Please do not ask for extensions which delay the submittal of the other awards. Special care should be taken to ensure proper formatting, grammar and spelling before the awards are submitted. 

Reminder – Please do not wait until someone is about to retire to nominate them for an Honor Award. Approval of the write up is only part of the process—certificates and medals can only be requisitioned and processed once the nomination has been signed by the appropriate signatory (SSA/Director; MSA/Assistant Secretary for Water and Science; DSA/Secretary of the Interior). We will always do our best to accommodate but cannot realistically ensure the award will be approved and processed in time. Thank you.

If you have any comments or questions or need samples of awards, please contact


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