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The Workforce Planning Toolkit is designed to give a consistent approach to the planning process and developing a workforce plan, so that workforce plans at various organizational levels have the same common elements, such as a description of the future workforce needed and strategies to address workforce gaps.

The Center Workforce Planning Webinar Series is a six part tutorial that describes the process and resources for creating a center specific Workforce Plan.  The Webinars were held in October of 2018 and the slides and presentations are captured below:

  1. Introduction
  2. Description of Your Center
  3. Workforce Data Analysis
  4. Strategic Future Direction
  5. Future Workforce
  6. Action Plan/Monitor and Evaluate


Along with the Center Workforce Planning Webinars series, the Strategic Initiatives office conducted a six part Community of Practice on Center Workforce planning.  The webinars were conducted May and June 2019 and follow the Center Workforce Template

  1. Description of the Center:  Description of the Organization, Budget and Finance Information and Current Org Chart
  2. Description of the Center:  Workforce Demographics and Analysis
  3. Description of the Center:  Diversity, Contractors and Shared Resources
  4. Strategic Future Direction: Strategic Goals and Internal and External Drivers
  5. Strategic Future Direction: Future Workforce and Gap Analysis
  6. Action Plan/Monitor and Evaluate

Workforce Planning for Supervisors and Managers is a self-paced, online course available on DOI Talent. The purpose of the course is to explore workforce planning concepts and step-by-step procedures to conduct workforce planning in an organization. It will provide relevant information to supervisors, managers, and support professionals who are responsible for facilitating the development of a workforce plan for an organization. The course takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete. Please search on 'Workforce Planning for Supervisors and Managers' within DOI Talent to locate and take the course.


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