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Leadership Stories

As we embark on the journey of creating a leadership centered culture in the USGS, please take some time to share your experiences of leadership acts observed within your office.

Butterfly and Quote

Your stories may be submitted to Jennifer Jones by email ( The Leadership Team will review the stories and choose several to share on this web site. Some of the stories may be shared with the ELT and other employees to demonstrate the effect of individual and team efforts on building leadership to further scientific excellence.


Some guidelines to follow when submitting a story:

  • Stories may demonstrate leadership behaviors described in the USGS Guiding Principles: be respectful, be accountable, communicate, value differences, encourage, focus, and collaborate. However, they are not restricted to these behaviors; any action that can be considered an act of leadership is acceptable.
  • Can be about any USGS employee from any level—remember, we all can be leaders!
  • Can be about a group of USGS employees—teamwork is important for good leadership.
  • Please obtain permission from the person or group before submitting a story about them.
  • Please keep your story to a maximum of one page in length.


Following are leadership stories (listed most recent to oldest) by and about USGS employees as they continue to build leadership to further scientific excellence:


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