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Virtual and Online Learning Opportunities

Virtual and Online Learning Opportunities

Virtual Classes

Examples of instructional distance learning products that have resulted from the Request for Proposals (RFP) program.

  • Aquifer-Test Analysis
  • Discrete Water Quality Data Review Workflow
  • EMMA QMS Training
  • EW Videos
  • GNSS Training Videos
  • Remote Sensing of Rivers
  • Storm-Tide Monitoring
  • Using Portable Spectrometers


Featured Courses on DOI Talent

Basic Pumping-Test Analyses

DOI Talent: 

Course number: Pumping-Test

Target Audience:  Anyone who needs to analyze pumping-test data


USGS Initial Allocation in BASIS+

DOI Talent: 

Course number: USGS-A-29-89-BASIS+InitAll

Target Audience:  Any USGS Administrative Officer who works in Basis+


Bear Spray-Training for Defense Against Dangerous Animals

DOI Talent: 

Course number: USGS-SAF-S1581-BearSpray

Target Audience:  Open to DOI


Data Collection at USGS Streamgages

DOI Talent: 

Course number: USGS-WRIR-00-4120-Streamgages

Target Audience:  USGS employees who collect data at streamgages


If you know of an instructor-led course that should be served via DL, please contact