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Strategic Workforce Development

 When people hear the term “employee development”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is training. Employee development is much more comprehensive and focuses on the whole employee, their growth and performance, including how they fit into the future of the organization.

Workforce development is a strategic tool to ensure we can meet our mission with a highly productive workforce and retain our valuable employees. When our employees participate in personal and professional growth activities, we benefit from a workforce with increased motivation, morale, and effectiveness.

Planning and implementing strategic workforce development in your workplace can be overwhelming and time consuming. The USGS Strategic Workforce Development staff aims to make this process as straightforward as possible for supervisors and managers. Using the resources on this site provides you with tips, tricks, templates, and best practices for workforce development. We encourage you to get started today.


To begin, choose one of the following:

→  I am an employee seeking development for myself 

→  I am a supervisor seeking development for my team 

→  I am seeking training procurement guidance 



Tools and Resources: Learning Plan  |  Training Policy  |  Continuous Learning Guidance