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The Lower Mississippi-Gulf Water Science Center is a 5 state center including Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. Please feel free to reach out to any of our offices via phone, email or social media. 

Office Locations: Map

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Richard A Rebich

Southeast Region Science Advisor for the Gulf of Mexico

Shannon D Williams

Assistant Director, Hydrologic Networks (Data)

Wade Kress

Assistant Director, Hydrologic Decision Science

John C Wolf

Assistant Director, Land Change Research, Hydrologic Transport and Response

J. R. Rigby

Associate Center Director, Hydrologic Transport and Response Branch

Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Geographer Labeeb Ahmed 410-267-5715
IT Specialist William B Barbour 501-228-3611
Administrative Assistant Shanice N Barnett 501-228-3638
Hydrologic Technician John N Barsotti 501-553-3212
Program Officer Todd E Baumann 225-436-2715
Hydrologic Technician Michael W Bennett 615-837-4742
Hydrologic Technician Daniel K Blankenship 850-553-3665
Hydrologic Technician Bobby Brendlinger 865-862-2029
Data Dissemination Specialist Troy H Brossett 501-228-3657
Hydrologic Technician Travis C Brown 225-298-5481
Ext: 3124
Research Biologist Thomas D Byl, Ph.D. 615-837-4750
IT Specialist Nicholas S Calvin 615-837-4721
Hydrologist John K (Jack) Carmichael 615-837-4704
Hydrologic Technician Christopher T Carter 501-228-3622
Science Coordinator, Southeast CASC Jennifer M Cartwright, Ph.D. 615-837-4752
Hydrologic Technician Tammy L Caudle 318-251-9630
Ext: 11
Research Geographer Peter Claggett 443-370-5724
IT Specialist Tonya D Collins 225-298-5481
Ext: 3222
Student Trainee-Hydro Tech Bobby Connor 501-228-3644
Hydrologist Elena Crowley-Ornelas 615-837-4743
Hydrologic Technician David W Crum 615-837-4743
Hydrologic Technician Eric W DeKleyn 615-837-4733
Hydrologic Technician Troy A Devillier 225-298-5481
Ext: 3605
Administrative Management Officer Sandra R Dolls 501-228-3604
Aquatic Ecologist Lucas J Driver 501-228-3600
Assistant Center Director Rachel DuBose, PhD
Hydrologist Leslie L Duncan 615-837-4700
Hydrologic Technician Jeffrey M Elliott 601-933-2961
Hydrologic Technician Joseph T Fleming 501-228-3600
Ext: 3609
Hydrologic Technician James R Fountain 225-298-5481
Ext: 3228
Hydrologic Technician Tyler D Franklin 501-228-3619
Hydrologic Technician Steven B Franks 501-228-3600
Ext: 3630
Ecologist Emily Gain
Hydrologic Technician April R Gale 601-933-2920
Hydrologic Technician Burl B Goree 318-251-9630
Ext: 12
Hydrologist Connor J Haugh 615-837-4771
Hydrologist Elizabeth N Heal
Hydrologic Technician Peyton M Hendrix 225-298-5481
Ecologist Matthew B Hicks 769-610-8764
Hydrologist Kristi L Hill 931-272-1865
Research Physical Scientist Wells Dean Hively, Phd 607-351-3196
Hydrologic Technician Kevin M Hubbs 479-442-4888
IT Specialist Barry T Jackson 501-228-3614
Administrative Operations Assistant Amanda H Jackson 601-933-2914
IT Specialist Richard M Jenkins 615-837-4725
Hydrologic Technician Marlon Johnson 225-298-5481
Ext: 3611
Hydrologic Technician Jordan C. Johnson 501-228-3600
Ext: 3662
Hydrologic Technician Calvin L Jones 225-298-5481
Ext: 3127
Administrative Specialist Desvin D Jones 225-298-5481
Ext: 3114
Hydrologic Technician Adam W Jones 501-228-3600
Ext: 3660
Physical Scientist Michelle P Katoski (410)-267-9824
Hydrologist James "Jim" A Kingsbury 615-837-4762
Hydrologist Katherine J Knierim, Ph.D. PG 501-607-2653
Lower Mississippi-Gulf WSC Center Director Rodney R Knight 615-837-4731
Assistant Director, Hydrologic Decision Science Wade Kress 615-674-0702
Ecologist Daniel Kroes 225-298-5481
Hydrologist David E Ladd 615-837-4773
Physical Scientist Brian T. Lamb, Ph.D. (631) 736-0783
Lower Mississippi-Gulf WSC - Supervisory Hydrologist Darrell S Lambeth 205-348-0950
IT Specialist - COUA Atticus S Lanier 901-678-7280
Hydrologic Technician Alan D Lasker 501-228-3658
Hydrologic Technician Christopher R Lee 334-395-4125
Hydrologic Technician Joshua D Lee 803-605-0901
Hydrologic Technician Ethan G Lewis 225-298-5481
Ext: 3124
Hydrologic Technician Justin Lott 601-933-2929
Physical Scientist Michael A Manning 601-933-2985
IT Specialist - COUA Cliff C Martin 501-228-3600
Ext: 3624
Hydrologic Technician Bradley Kane Martin 501-228-3600
Ext: 3668
Hydrologic Technician David K Massingill 601-933-2955
Hydrologic Technician Errol P Meche 225-298-5481
Ext: 3607
Hydrologic Technician Benjamin V Miller 615-837-4730
Hydrologist Scott V Mize 225-978-4364
Hydrologic Technician Robert M Moss 601-933-2962
Hydrologic Technican Oran Mosteller 615-837-4764
Hydrologic Technician Thomas J Neighbors 850-553-3683
Administrative Operations Assistant /Approving Official Purchase Coordinator Ginger R. Northern, M.S. (225) 298-5481
Hydrologist Anna M Nottmeier 479-442-4888
Ext: 200
Hydrologic Technician Justin S Palmer 601-933-2958
Supervisory Hydro Tech Scott M Perrien 225-298-5481
Ext: 3621
Southeast Region Science Advisor for the Gulf of Mexico Richard A Rebich 601-832-3045
Associate Center Director, Hydrologic Transport and Response Branch J. R. Rigby 662-202-7777
Hydrologic Technician Noah Riley 334-395-4129
Ext: Office 334-395-4120
Hydrologist Angela L Robinson 225-298-5481
Program Analyst/Hydrologist Kirk D. Rodgers, Ph.D.
Physical Scientist Claire E Rose 601-933-2988
Supervisory Hydro Tech Garron B Ross 225-298-5481
Ext: 3225
Hydrologic Technician Tyler J Sansing 205-348-0968
Hydrologic Technician Joshua G Schafer 225-298-5481
Hydrologist Lane B Simmons 225-298-5481
Ext: 3218
Hydrologic Technician Glen T Stevens 225-298-5481
Ext: 3606
Hydrologic Technician Shane J Stocks 601-933-2956
Hydrologist John B Storm 601-933-2951
Physical Scientist David R Strong 703-648-6193
Hydrologist Roland W Tollett 318-251-9630
Ext: 13
IT Specialist Michael T Wade 601-933-2981
Hydrologist Daniel M Wagner 479-442-4888
Hydrologic Technician James E Wallace 501-228-3606
Hydrologic Technician Dustin H Wallace 334-395-4136
Hydrologic Technician Joseph Scott Wallace 334-395-4131
Associate – Southwest Data Program (Louisiana) Aub N Ward 318-548-1637
Hydrologic Technician James C Waters 318-251-9630
Ext: 26
Budget Analyst Markeshia D Watson 225-615-6305
Hydrologic Technician Michelle S Wells 205-348-0956
Hydrologist Drew A Westerman 501-228-3643
Hydrologist Amanda R Whaling 479-442-4888
Civil Engineer Vincent E White 225-298-5481
Ext: 3216
Hydrologic Technician Bryan S Williams 601-933-2945
Assistant Director, Hydrologic Networks (Data) Shannon D Williams 615-837-4755
Hydrologic Technician Anita B Williams 501-228-3661
Assistant Director, Land Change Research, Hydrologic Transport and Response John C Wolf 410-267-5739
Hydrologic Technician Jared W Wright 601-933-2910