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Clint Muhlfeld, Ph.D.

I am a Research Aquatic Ecologist for the USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center stationed in Glacier National Park.

Research interests

I specialize in aquatic ecology, fisheries biology, and conservation biology. My research aims to understand the interactions between aquatic species and their environments to help guide conservation and management efforts. My research focuses on assessing how the impacts of various human stressors—climate change, invasive species, and habitat loss—impact native salmonids and freshwater ecosystems in the Rocky Mountains of the United States and Canada.

My research addresses various scientific and conservation issues, including: 

  • Predicting climate change impacts on native salmonids and freshwater ecosystems
  • Evaluating invasive species effects on native fishes and ecosystems
  • Conducting ecohydrological assessments of climate change and drought impacts
  • Assessing life history and genetic diversity of native salmonids
  • Investigating the status, threats, and conservation of threatened species

I enjoy multidisciplinary collaboration and advising graduate students in freshwater ecology and conservation biology. I participate in regional, national, and international science teams addressing climate change and transboundary river issues. My goal is to conserve native species and ecosystems for future generations through research-informed management and education.