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Jeff Steevens, PhD

Dr. Jeff Steevens is a Research Toxicologist at the Columbia Environmental Research Center.

His broad research interests include the bioavailability and toxicity of environmental contaminants in water and sediments. One of his current responsibilities is leading a multi-disciplinary team to determine the toxicity of contaminants of interest to the Department of Interior including algal toxins, metals, major ions, and emerging contaminants. 

Current Projects

  • Bioaccumulation and Toxicity of PFAS within Aquatic Systems.  Jeff co-leads the USGS PFAS Integrated Science Team.  He is actively doing research on the bioaccumulation and effects of PFAS in underrepresented aquatic taxa. Studies include the fate of PFAS within lower levels of aquatic food webs (biofilms and invertebrates). He is currently determining the toxicity of PFAS in freshwater mussels and mayflies. 
  • Development of Toxicity Bioassay Methods.  His research is currently focusing on the effects of contaminants on freshwater mussels, mayflies, and other invertebrates. These methods include acute and chronic bioassays as well as field methods to determine in situ effects from nutrients and contaminants. 
  • Natural Resource Damage Assessment and Restoration Expertise.  Jeff provides technical expertise for injury assessment at several sites including the Upper Columbia River, Tri-State Mining District, Little Calumet, IN and Sauget Creek, IL. 

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