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Thomas Over

Thomas Over, is a Research Hydrologist, with the Central Midwest Water Science Center, located in Urbana, Illinois.

Tom has worked for the USGS, Central Midwest Water Science Center (formerly the Illinois Water Science Center) since 2001 (originally part-time, full-time beginning 2012). He works in areas of prediction of peak and continuous streamflow in ungaged basins by statistical regionalization, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling (HSPF, SWMM, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS, PEST), disaggregation and scaling of precipitation and streamflow, streamflow measurement uncertainty, hydrometeorological data analysis (evaluation of gage and radar-based precipitation observations and forecasts, development of homogeneous weather databases), and effects of urbanization on streamflow. 

Prior to his full-time appointment with the USGS he was an assistant research professor at Eastern Illinois University (EIU) in the Geology/Geography Department, a visiting assistant professor at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, and an assistant professor at Texas A&M University in the Civil Engineering Department, where he taught courses in water resources engineering, engineering hydrology, and stochastic hydrology. His research at EIU was in the area of controls of soil moisture and soil hydrophobicity on wind erosion. His Ph.D. is from University of Colorado - Boulder, Geophysics Program - Hydrology Option, where his dissertation was on multifractal space-time scaling properties of precipitation fields. While at CU-Boulder, he worked with Brent Troutman in the USGS (Water) National Research Program on the effects of river basin structure on streamflow. Prior to Ph.D. studies, he worked as a consulting civil engineer.