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Landsat Collections

Landsat Collections ensure that all Landsat Level-1 products contain known data quality.

In 2016, the USGS reorganized the Landsat archive into a tiered collection management structure titled Landsat Collection 1. This structure ensures that all Landsat Level-1 products provide a consistent archive of known data quality while controlling continuous improvement of the archive and access to all data as they are acquired. The implementation of collections represents a substantial change in the management of the Landsat archive by ensuring consistent quality through time and across all instruments. Collection 1 contains all Level-1 data acquired since 1972 to present from Landsat 1-8.

Landsat Collection 2 marks the second major reprocessing event of the USGS Landsat Level-1 archive, resulting in several data product improvements that harness recent advancements in data processing, algorithm development, and data access and distribution capabilities. A primary characteristic of Collection 2 is the substantial improvement in the absolute geolocation accuracy of the global ground reference dataset used in the Landsat Level-1 data processing flow. Additionally, Collection 2 includes updated global digital elevation modeling sources and calibration and validation updates as well as global Level-2 surface reflectance and surface temperature scene-based products from 1982 to present.

Visit this Landsat Data Access web page to discover how to search and download all Landsat products from USGS data portals.

PLEASE NOTELandsat Collection 1 based forward processing will remain in effect through December 31, 2021, concurrent with Landsat Collection 2 based forward processing. Starting January 1, 2022, all new Landsat acquisitions will be processed into the Collection 2 inventory structure only.

Users are encouraged to migrate their workflow to Landsat Collection 2 at their earliest convenience. Due to advancements in data processing and algorithm development, users are discouraged from using Collection 1 and Collection 2 interchangeably within the same workflow.

Collection 1 products will remain available for search and download while the USGS evaluates a formal deprecation schedule.


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