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Puerto Rico Coastal Hazards (AD)

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Detailed Description

The island of Puerto Rico is subject to numerous natural hazards including hurricanes and coastal erosion. Information on how the island’s coastal environments respond to these events is critical for bolstering coastal resilience. Dr. Legna Torres-Garcia, who was born in raised in Puerto Rico, is leading an effort to study coastal hazards and make this information more accessible to communities on the island. This information can help residents of the territory to be more prepared for, and resilient to, natural hazards.

Learn more about USGS coastal hazards research in Puerto Rico.

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“Drone shot of Hurricane Maria Aftermath in Puerto Rico.” Envato Elements.

“Seaside landscape during natural disaster hurricane.” Envato Elements.

“The Coral Reefs on The Sea Floor” by Danilo Riba. Pexels.

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“Aerial Footage of Houses by the Beach” by Kindel Media. Pexels.

“Drone Footage of People on the Beach” by Photosomething. Pexels.

“Waves over Beach” by Magda Ehlers. Pexels.

“Aerial Footage of the Sea” by Los Muertos Crew. Pexels.




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Some footage was used with permission from Envato Elements and Pexels. Contact the producer for more information.