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The USGS Ecosystems Mission Area brings you Outstanding in the Field, an original podcast series that tells stories about our science, our adventures, and our efforts to better understand fish and wildlife and the ecosystems that support them.  

Episode 1 - Pollinators

Episode title: To Bee or Not to Bee

Summary:  This episode's buzz is all about pollinators, the birds, bees, bats, beetles, and other animals that feed on pollen from plants and help bring about one in three bites of food to our plates. Pollinators are crucial contributors to our environment and society by enhancing plant diversity in wild lands and providing food for humans in agricultural settings. Some three-fourths of all native plants in the world require pollination by an animal, most often an insect, and most often a native bee.

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Interviewee: Steve Hilburger, USGS Wildlife Program Manager

Narrator: Marisa Lubeck, USGS Public Affairs Specialist

Producer: Marisa Lubeck, USGS Public Affairs Specialist

Music: The Green Hillside by Martin Fitzpatrick (used with permission).

Original artwork: Jeffrey Kemp

Bee noise licensed by Creative Commons and downloaded from at   

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