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WaterWatch - Use maps, charts, and tables to view USGS water data.
August 7, 2017

Retrieve Summary of 7-day Flow Conditions for New York

WaterWatch - Retrieve Summary of 7-day Flow Conditions for New York. Interactive Drought Table assists in assessing current hydrologic drought conditions.

Image of the Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination (GeoMAC) viewer
July 17, 2017

Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination (GeoMAC)

GeoMAC is an internet-based mapping application designed to allow Fire Managers and the Public access to dynamically displayed online maps of current fire locations and fire perimeters in the continental U.S. and Alaska. The GeoMAC application is an indispensable tool for aiding fire-personnel by dynamically displaying the most current forest-fire information available from a web browser.

map image of New York
July 3, 2017

Current New York Water Conditions

Current New York Water Conditions

New York Hydrologic Conditions Mapper
July 3, 2017

Hydrologic Conditions Mapper (New York)

New York Hydrologic Conditions Mapper:  (1) Streamflow conditions (2) Groundwater conditions (3) Precipitation (4) Precipitation departure from normal (5) NYC Water Supply System Status. In addition, historical monthly conditions reports and seasonal condition maps are also available.

Shenandoah River Habitat
June 30, 2017

North Fork and South Fork Shenandoah River Habitat Maps

The layers within this geodataset describe physical habitat characteristics in the North and South Fork Shenandoah rivers. They represent conditions during summer low-flow periods when canoeing was possible.The data are derived from GPS field surveys and GIS editing to commplete habitat units around islands or river bends.

map of New York with markers for sites with peak flow information
June 5, 2017

Peak Streamflow for the Nation

Peak Streamflow for the Nation

A screen shot of Hazard Exposure Reporting and Anlytics web app
April 12, 2017

Community exposure in California to coastal flooding hazards enhanced by climate change, reference year 2010

The data set contains information on potential population, economic, land cover, and infrastructure flooding exposure for San Francisco Bay and coastal communities of the state of California, USA. This data is viewable on HERA.

Image of major river basins in Georgia, North and South Carolina
April 3, 2017

Data Organized by River Basin, in Georgia, North and South Carolina

Realtime/Current Conditions:
   Streamflow: GA || NC || SC    Groundwater: GA || NC || SC   Water Quality: GA || NC || SC   Precipitation: GA || NC || SC
Daily mean data:
   Stage: GA || NC || SC   Streamflow: GA || NC || SC   Stage and streamflow: GA || NC || SC
Realtime Maps:
   NC Realtime

Screen shot of Wind Fetch Model
March 8, 2017

Application of Wind Fetch and Wave Models for Habitat Rehabilitation and Enhancement Projects - 2012 Update

Models based upon coastal engineering equations have been developed to quantify wind fetch length and several physical wave characteristics including significant height, length, peak period, maximum orbital velocity, and shear stress.

Hurricane Sandy Data Viewer - Olga
February 23, 2017

Data Viewer—Post-Hurricane Sandy Lidar Elevations and Features

This viewer provides visualization for and accessibility to USGS lidar data obtained following Hurricane Sandy (October 2012). Access and download data and publications that include the source lidar data and the coastal dune and shoreline data needed to examine coastal change and erosion hazards.

Image: Arizona Upland Plant Community in the Sonoran Desert
January 27, 2017

Mean of the Top Ten Percent of NDVI Values in the Yuma Proving Ground during Monsoon Season, 1986-2011

This study uses growth in vegetation during the monsoon season measured from LANDSAT imagery as a proxy for measured rainfall. NDVI values from 26 years of pre- and post-monsoon season Landsat imagery were derived across Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) in southwestern Arizona, USA.