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William T. Pecora Nomination Process

NOTE: Personal information is not required to visit this web site. However, if you choose to provide personal information, such as submitting a nomination package or sending an e-mail, please see our privacy statement below.

Nominations for the Pecora Award may be submitted by national, international, private and public sector individuals, organizations, professional societies and academic institutions. Previous nominees not selected as recipients may be re-nominated for future awards.

Any national or international individual or group working in the field of remote sensing of the Earth is eligible to receive the William T. Pecora Award. Please see eligibility requirements for more information.

The nomination submission period is from February to May 1 every year. Guidelines may vary slightly from year to year. Please consult the web site each year for updates.

Nomination packages should include three sections: (A) Cover Sheet, (B) Summary Statement, (C) Supplemental Materials. Detailed information concerning the content and format of the three sections follow. 

Section A: Cover Sheet

Business Mailing address
Business Telephone
Business FAX
Business E-mail address

Your name
Business Mailing address
Business Telephone
Business FAX
Business E-mail address

Team or Group Name 
Team or Group Lead
Sponsoring Organization(s) 
Team/Group Lead Business Mailing address 
Team/Group Lead Business Telephone 
Team/Group Lead Business FAX
Team/Group Lead Business E-mail

Your name 
Business Mailing address
Business Telephone 
Business FAX 
Business E-mail address 

Section B: Summary Statement

Prepare a brief written statement in support of the nomination describing the nominee's contributions to the understanding of the Earth by means of remote sensing.

For individual nominations, describe achievements in the scientific and technical remote sensing community, as well as contributions leading to successful practical applications of remote sensing. Consideration will be given to sustained career achievements or singular contributions of major importance to the field of remote sensing.

For group nominations, describe a team, a group of individuals, or part of an organization that has made major breakthroughs in remote sensing science or technology or developed an innovative application that has a significant impact on the user community or national/international policies.

The Summary Statement should NOT exceed 2 pages.

Section C: Supplementary Materials

Specific individual and group achievements should be peer-reviewed and documented in industry-recognized and scientifically credible publications.

Nominations may include up to 12 pages* of supplemental information (resume, publications list, letters of endorsement, etc.) 
Note: Letters of endorsement are very important and strengthens the nomination package.
You can include more than one letter of endorsement.

(Please do not include social security numbers or personal contact information.)

*Starting in 2020, supplemental information can now be 12 pages.



Combine each section into one .pdf text file. Supplemental materials should be scanned and incorporated into the .pdf text file. Include the nominee's name or group title in the file name. Examples follow:

  • JohnDoe_2011_Nomination.pdf 
  • TeamXYZ_2011_Nomination.pdf

Note: Do not use spaces in the file names


Submit the nomination package to the following email address.



The DOI/NASA Pecora Award Committee makes every effort to ensure that information submitted via the nomination process or email is handled in accordance with the requirements of the Privacy Act and the Freedom of Information Act to ensure the greatest protection of personal privacy.

We encourage all contact information associated with the nomination package and email to include only business contact information to the maximum extent possible. If you choose to provide personal information, such as submitting a nomination package or sending an e-mail, we will use that information to process the nomination or to fulfill the stated purpose of the communication. Information submitted is not used for commercial marketing.

Please do not send sensitive information, such as credit card or social security numbers. This information is not required for the William T. Pecora award nomination package.

Finally, we request you inform the nominee of your intent to submit their information to the William T. Pecora Award Committee.

For additional information, please refer to our privacy statement.

OMB Control Number: 1028-0101, Expiration Date: 04/30/2021