Cal Ruleman

Current Research:

Neotectonics of the northern Rio Grande rift between Taos, New Mexico and Leadville, Colorado

Geomorphic evolution and timing of basin integration in the San Luis Valley, Colorado and New Mexico

Rates of bedrock canyon incision along the Rio Grande, New Mexico

Timing late Pleistocene glacial maximum and rates of deglaciation, central Colorado



1999:B.A., University of Montana, Missoula

2002:M.S., Montana State University, Bozeman


Professional Society Memberships

1996-Present: Geological Society of America

2000-Present: Colorado Scientific Society


Professional Experience

2000-2002: USGS student intern

2002-2004: U.S. Peace Corp Volunteer, Suriname, South America

2004-2007: Geologist, USGS contractor and private sector

2007-Present: Research Geologist, USGS