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Carl S Carlson

Carl Carlson is a Hydrologist in the New England Water Science Center.

Carl S. Carlson is a Hydrologist concentrating mostly on groundwater modeling for the New England Water Science Center. Since year 2000, Carl has either led or contributed to the development of various numerical groundwater models of glacial aquifers constructed to answer questions about groundwater flow. These questions include: the simulated size of contributing areas to streams, ponds, coastal water bodies, and production wells; simulated responses of streams and ponds to groundwater withdrawals and wastewater return flows; and simulated effects of future water-use and land-use scenarios on streamflows. More recently under the NAWQA program, Carl has contributed to the "General Models" series of Python Jupyter notebooks developed to quickly make a generalized groundwater model based on national-scale datasets.

Between 1995 and 2000, Carl worked as a Hydrologist in the California District of the USGS, mainly on various groundwater projects in the Antelope Valley groundwater basin. One summer however, while on loan to the Cascades Volcano Observatory, there was an opportunity to hold a surveying rod in the Mammoth Lakes region as part of a team tasked with measuring potential magmatic uplift.