Casie Smith

Casie has been working for the USGS since 2012. She holds a B.S. in Environment and Natural Resources- Conservation Biology from Clemson University and a M.S. in Environmental Science and Technology- Wetland Ecology from the University of Maryland. 


Casie Smith is part of the Ecology Team at the USGS Oregon Water Science Center. Her current projects include:

-understanding the environmental fate and transport of pesticides applied aerially for vector control

-evaluating effects of agricultural pesticides on native bee populations

-monitoring and mapping HABs in an eastern Oregon reservoir

-assessing effects of beaver activity on water quality and habitat in the Tualatin River Basin

-studying cold-water refugia along the Willamette River during low-flow conditions

-calculating and interpreting nutrient loads for a large, shallow lake in eastern Oregon

-experimenting within mesocosms to reduce water-column turbidity in a shallow lake.