Daniel B Fagre, Ph.D.



Postdoctoral Fellow. Wildlife Biology. 1981-83. University of California, Davis

Ph.D. Animal Ecology. 1981. University of California, Davis

M.S. Animal Ecology. 1978. University of California, Davis and B.A. Environmental Science. 1975. Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona

B.A. Environmental Science. 1975. Prescott College, Prescott, Arizona


Research Interests

Dr. Daniel Fagre works for the United States Geological Survey as Research Ecologist and Director of the Climate Change in Mountain Ecosystems Project, and Lead Investigator in the U.S.G.S Benchmark Glacier Program.  He has been working since 1991 in the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park to understand how global-scale environmental changes will affect mountain ecosystems. Stationed at Glacier National Park, Montana, he has collaborated with other scientists around the world on diverse research projects that addresses glaciers, avalanches, amphibians, alpine plants, paleoclimates, snow chemistry and ecosystem dynamics of bioregions among others.  He received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis, has been faculty affiliate at six different universities and mentored or sponsored many graduate students, published three books and 150+ scientific publications, and co-founded several national and international science networks.  He is currently active in the Western Mountain Initiative, a program to coordinate mountain research across different areas; GLORIA, a global program to monitor alpine vegetation on mountain summits on six continents; and CIRMOUNT, a consortium of mountain scientists.