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Daniel E Winkler, Ph.D.

Daniel is a plant ecophysiologist and evolutionary ecologist studying how populations respond to global climate change. He is a Research Ecologist with USGS and works with the BLM's Native Plant Program where he studies adaptive traits of native plants. He also conducts research throughout the desert southwest and in alpine areas of Colorado, Mexico, and Japan. 

Daniel aims to identify solutions and strategies to enhance conservation efforts and equip managers with the tools necessary to respond to global climate change. His research bridges ecological experimentation with modern restoration, molecular, and ecophysiological methods to understand native plant adaptation primarily in arid and semi-arid dryland ecosystems. Daniel also studies the evolutionary ecology of invasive species and their impacts in protected systems, including lands managed by the NPS, BLM, USFWS, and USFS. Congruent with his studies in global change, Daniel is also interested in the social dimensions of decision-making in management and conservation.