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Daniel Nowacki

I'm a coastal oceanographer at the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center in Santa Cruz, California.

Previously I was a Mendenhall Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the USGS Woods Hole Coastal and Marine Science Center. I received my Ph.D. in Oceanography (Marine Geology and Geophysics) from the University of Washington in Seattle. My M.S.E. is in Civil & Environmental Engineering, also from the UW. I got my start in earth science as a hydrologist at the USGS’s National Research Program in Reston, VA.

Generally, I am interested in the sediment transport and morphology of coastal and riverine systems.

A key aspect of my current research is the interaction between waves, vegetation, and sediment transport in a variety of coastal environments. This work is done primarily as part of the Estuarine Physical Response to Storms and Estuarine Processes, Hazards, and Ecosystems projects.