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Daniel Powers

Dan is a Marine Engineering Technician at the Marine Facility (MarFac) at the USGS Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center

I have deployed the following equipment and systems: Jumbo Piston Corer, Boxcorer, Smith-MacIntyre, Ponar and VanVeen Grabs, Kasten Corer, Gravity Corers, Seismic Air Guns, G/I Guns, Chirp Echosounders, Boomer, Sparker, and S-Boom Sound Sources, Hydrophone streamers, CTD and Water Sampling Rosettes with Niskin Bottles, Mooring arrays - deploy, recover, and design, Ice coring and hand- and gas-driven coring systems, including Kovacs corers, Rock and Coral Dredges, Benthic Trawls, Otter and Blake Trawls, Mid-water nets, Plankton nets, Bongo nets, IKMT nets, Tucker trawls and MOCNESS Systems.