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David I Donato

By profession and avocation, David I. Donato is an applied mathematician and computational scientist. David has contributed as a quantitative professional to a number of the programs of the Department of the Interior, including offshore minerals leasing, quantitative policy analysis, information dissemination, and geographic and regional studies.

In addition to his work in applied mathematics, statistics, and scientific computation, he has developed and administered Web sites and has designed and built interactive Web applications. He has also applied his knowledge of quantitative micro-economics to various studies and analyses, including work with mercury in fish and land-change modeling. Because of his particular interest in probability and mathematical statistics, he specializes in stochastic computer simulation. David is an expert scientific programmer and a prolific technical writer. In recent years he has worked on statistical modeling of mercury in fish tissue and spatially-explicit land-change modeling.

Research Interests

  • Modeling spatially-explicit environmental and land-use futures
  • Designing scientific computer models for generality and radically deep interoperation
  • Developing (designing and coding) stochastic computer simulations and models
  • Solving difficult quantitative and computational problems using mathematics, statistics, GIScience, economics, and comput

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