Jeff Honke


I have had the opportunity to work work with some amazing talent at the USGS, and support some fascinating projects. From the Alaskan muskeg to the dry playas of the Mojave Desert, I have been able to search for, recover, and describe some really cool geologic records. I have spent numerous summers working on collecting sediment from lakes; The Great Salt Lake, Bear Lake, high altitude lakes in Colorado, Crevice lake in Yellowstone, and remote ponds, surrounded by grizzlies, near Yakutat, Alaska. Using Kullenburg, Uwitec, Livingston and other systems I have helped develop records of vegetation change and landscape evolution from the bottoms of these lakes. Most recently I have been able to utilize hydraulic systems to extract records from the dry playa lakes in the desert southwest. Exploring the sedimentological records of these systems, and trying to fathom the changes that the Earth's surface goes through has fully gathered my attention.


1993    B.S., Environmental Studies, University of Nebraska at Omaha

2014    M.A., Geography, University of Denver