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Jennifer Stanton

Jennifer Stanton is a Hydrologist in the New England Water Science Center.

Jennifer Stanton began her career with the USGS in 1994. She has studied a wide range of water resource topics including groundwater quality, groundwater age dating, groundwater/surface-water interactions, groundwater level changes, estimation of water budget components, and development of groundwater flow models. Other areas of interest include application of GIS to analyze groundwater data.

2017-present: Assessing effects of oil and gas development on groundwater resources for the California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater Program.

2013-2017: Project manager for the National Brackish Groundwater Assessment.

2007-2013: Developed regional water budgets and groundwater-flow models using tools such as MODFLOW, Parameter Estimation (PEST), the Groundwater Management (GWM) package, and Soil Water Balance (SWB) code.

1996-2007: Conducted regional groundwater-quality studies.

1997-2000: Authored the annual state-wide groundwater level change report.

1996-2003:  Managed USGS databases. Coordinated with 34 Federal, State, and local agencies to compile groundwater levels from approximately 4,000 observation wells state-wide on a semi-annual basis.

1994-1996: Provided GIS and cartographic support.