Paul F Juckem


Paul Juckem is a Hydrologist with the USGS-Upper Midwest Water Science Center, stationed in Middleton, WI.  His expertise in groundwater flow and transport modeling is used in studies of regional water availability, groundwater/surface-water interaction, and water quality characterization and prediction for lakes, streams, and aquifers.  Current work involves: leading the development of tools to inform resource managers about the sources, timing, and fate (forecasts) of nutrients in aquifers, wells, and waterbodies; investigating factors that influence groundwater age distributions and travel times within aquifers; assessing the role of groundwater/surface-water interactions along flood plains in attenuating peak flows; mapping the probability of contaminant plume extents in aquifers using Analytic Element groundwater flow models and Monte Carlo techniques; and evaluating effects of water level fluctuations and water quality in shallow lakes.



M.S. in Geology - University of Wisconsin-Madison. Thesis: 'Spatial Patterns and Temporal Trends in Groundwater Recharge in the Upper Coon Creek Watershed, Southwest Wisconsin,' 2003.

B.S. in Water Resources Management (groundwater emphasis), Geology minor – University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 1999.



American Geophysical Union (1999 - present)

American Water Resources Association (1997 - 2006)

  • Wisconsin State Section (1996 - present); Treasurer (2004 - 2008)

Association of Ground Water Scientists and Engineers (2000 - present)



  • Nutrient and contaminant movement in groundwater systems
  • Nutrient loading to lake and river systems
  • Development of hydrologic Decision Support tools
  • Simplification methods for hydrologic modeling (emulators, machine learning, analytic solutions)
  • Uncertainty analysis and forecasting
  • Groundwater flow and transport simulation
  • Water availability and source water protection
  • Groundwater/surface-water interaction (flow and chemistry)