Shannon Mahan


I graduated from Adams State University (Colorado) with a B.S. in Geology in 1987.  I immediately began work at the USGS with the Isotope Branch of Geology/Yucca Mountain Project as a Physical Science Technician. In 1991 I was converted to Geologist, in 1994 to Hydrologist, in 1999 back to Geologist, and in 2006 to Research Geologist.  From 1987 to 2017 I have worked with Radiogenic Isotopes, Thermoluminescence (TL), Optically Stimulated Luminescence (OSL), Radiation Dosimetry, and maintaining a sense of humor.  I have been the USGS Luminescence Geochronology Lab Director since 1997 and routinely work on 20 to 30 projects during the year throughout the USGS mission areas.

Over the past 35 years, luminescence dating has become a key tool for dating sediments of interest in paleoseismic research. The data obtained from luminescence dating has been used to determine timing of fault displacement, calculate slip rates, and estimate earthquake recurrence intervals. Luminescence is also used to date paleontology sites, fluvial terraces (including paleoflood deposits), eolian deposits, and is increasingly used to calibrate wildfire temperatures and thermochronology. The flexibility of luminescence is a key complement to other chronometers such as radiocarbon or cosmogenic nuclides. Careful sampling and correct selection of sample sites exert two of the strongest controls on obtaining an accurate luminescence age. Factors such as partial bleaching and post-depositional mixing should be avoided during sampling and special measures may be needed to help correct for associated problems. Like all geochronologic techniques, context is necessary for interpreting and calculating luminescence results and this can be achieved by supplying participating labs with associated trench logs, photos, and stratigraphic locations of sample sites. (Taken from Gray et al, 2015 paper GUIDE TO LUMINESCENCE DATING TECHNIQUES AND THEIR APPLICATION FOR PALEOSEISMIC RESEARCH).

I provide age constraints on Quaternary deposition for a variety of eolian, fluvial, alluvial and lacustrine systems by dating sediment grains of alkali potassium feldspar (preferably orthoclase, microcline, and sanidine) using infrared stimulated luminescence (IRSL) or quartz using blue light stimulated luminescence (OSL).  As the only USGS luminescence dating specialist, I am an integral part of multi-disciplinary, multi-agency, and multi-institutional projects that provide chronologic control for Quaternary field studies in the continental United States.  I have supervised the growth and development of the USGS Luminescence Geochronology Lab (established in 1990) by mentoring many students, expanding corroborative and collaborative projects with private companies and universities, instituting new work with state geological surveys via STATEMAP or EDMAP, organizing workshops for both USGS and non-USGS personnel, and hosting distinguished foreign scientists.

As well as doing routine dating for a variety of USGS projects, I have provided luminescence expertise for many larger USGS efforts with a dramatic increase in real-time data availability and publication of results (i.e. new technology with a portable OSL reader). I have provided detailed analyses, evaluations, and/or reviews of OSL data to such entities as the National Science Foundation (NSF), The Army Research Office, the Army Corps of Engineers, The Bureau of Reclamation, The National Park Service, and many state geological surveys and departments of natural resources.  I have also initiated collaborative work and grants with other luminescence dating labs in the US by providing expert review on grant proposals, second-opinion elemental dosimetry regarding possible disequilibrium, and first refusal for many novel or cutting applications as applied to luminescence dating (which helps provide outside funding).  Other scientists routinely seek my advice in luminescence dating and I receive at least ten inquiries a week related to questions of luminescence dosimetry, usually via the USGS luminescence dating website. 

Publications 2016-2008:

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