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Stephen J Cauller

His current investigation involves measurement and mapping of the potentiometric surface in 10 confined aquifers of the NJ Coastal Plain, with results being tailored for delivery via a web-map interface. Stephen is also the GIS Specialist in the NJ Water Science Center where he assists coworkers with the use of geographical information systems software.

Employment as a hydrologist with the USGS has afforded him the opportunity to work on a variety of hydrologic studies, including a Toxic Substances investigation on Long Island, NY that related shallow groundwater quality to land use. He spent several years working on the database design and application development team of the Nation Water Information System (NWIS). Over the past 20 years, he has directed numerous groundwater studies in the coastal plain of New Jersey. His work has involved groundwater levels and mapping, chloride concentrations in groundwater, hydrogeologic framework analysis, water quality summaries, multiple aquifer 3D groundwater flow model development and particle tracking, and the advective transport of nitrogen in groundwater. Recent work includes flood innundation studies in West Virginia and Maine and stream network derivation studies employing various methodologies including StreamStats, ArcHydro Tools and a tophat method using lidar-derived DEMS.