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Tyler J Kane, M.S.

Tyler Kane is a geochemist exploring the fundamentals of redox cycling and mineralogy to better predict the movement of metals throughout the environment. 

Tyler began working with the USGS shortly after receiving a bachelor’s degree from the department of geological sciences at the University of Colorado in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado.  Under the guidance of George Aiken, Tyler learned laboratory techniques to isolate and measure elusive dissolved organic carbon species from natural waters.  In 2015 Tyler focused his attention to the biogeochemical behavior of redox-active metals by returning to CU Boulder for a master’s degree while simultaneously helping to maintain X-ray capabilities of the Biogeochemistry and Mineralogy of Redox-active Environmental Systems (BMRES) laboratory.  Tyler continues to investigate the fundamental processes that control metal mobility through the environment using X-ray mineralogical and elemental analyses, aqueous geochemistry, laboratory experimentation, and geochemical models.