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Vanessa von Biela, Ph.D.

I am an aquatic ecologist focused on filling key information gaps about the structure, function, and drivers of aquatic ecosystems in the subarctic and Arctic to better inform management of public lands and resources.

My research program seeks to understand current limitations on the production of fishes and aquatic ecosystems to inform Federal and State agencies, Tribal entities, non-profits organizations, and the public given the importance of fish and aquatic species to economies, wellbeing, and culture. For example, the annual subsistence harvest per rural resident is 295 pounds of wild food of which 56% is fish. Access to my study areas is difficult because most of Alaska is not connected by road and requires complex logistics with boats and aircraft. I make research progress by leading teams that use a diverse set of tools that allow us to gain as much information as possible from each field trip and each fish: otolith growth, calorimetry, stable isotopes, heat shock proteins, and gene expression/mRNA.

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