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William Capurso

William Capurso is a Physical Scientist with the USGS New York Water Science Center.

William has worked for the USGS NYWSC since 2004 and has extensive knowledge and experience on data collection networks and platforms. He has worked on a multitude of groundwater, storm-surge and change detection research projects. 

Some of William’s major achievements are, 

Designed and developed the quick deploy brackets and housings that are used to deploy storm-tide sensors and rapid deployment gages. He is also the co-author of the Storm-Tide Monitoring Program Standard Operating Procedure T&M.  

Pioneered the one of the first cellular real-time telemetry groundwater network working closely with a company’s R&D team. 

Lead for data acquisition and analysis for a multi-state and multi-agency Living Shorelines research project. 

Lead for developing techniques and data collection methods for groundwater, surface-water and water-quality sites for a multi-disciplinary investigative aqueduct-leak study funded by New York City. 

Developed, and installed a novel real-time specific-conductance monitoring station, for the largest water supplier in the nation to characterize road-salt contribution to the local aquifer system during winter precipitation events. 

Led technical workshops, presentations, and training seminars at national data and Water Mission Area conferences, and Water Science Center workshops. 

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