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Delaware River Basin StreamStats

StreamStats for the Delaware River Basin was developed as part of the USGS Water Availability and Use Science Program.

StreamStats for the Delaware River Basin (DRB) is a regional application with boundaries that are based on a river basin rather than a particular state. The DRB includes parts of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.  Currently, the application has the following functionality: basin delineation, basin characteristic computation, and water use computation (including categorical monthly or annual withdrawals and returns).  The document below describes the methods used to determine the water use estimates.

The DRB StreamStats application can be used to delineate drainage areas, compute the basin characteristics, and to provide water-use summaries that are needed as input for the DRB Streamflow Estimation Tool (DRB-SET), which can estimate daily mean streamflows for 1960-2010 for user-selected sites on ungaged streams in the Basin. Additional information on the DRB-SET program, including instructions for downloading, installing, and operating the program are at the following report:

• Stuckey, M.H., and Ulrich, J.E., 2016, User’s Guide for the Delaware River Basin Streamflow Estimator Tool (DRB-SET): U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2015–1192, 6 p.

Click on this link for general information about the Delaware River Basin StreamStats processing, underlying data, and basin characteristics.