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Mandatory Training by Topic

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All mandatory training is regulated by Departmental Policy.  To seek approval to make a course mandatory complete this form and send it to OED Chief as indicated on the form.  

New Employees, to get credit for previously completed courses click here, Training Reciprocity Request.



  • Charge Card Users
  • Charge Card Approving Officials
  • Charge Card Approving Official Refresher Training
    • Supervisors/Managers
      • Required every 3 years
      • Initial Course hours = 1
      • Search DOI Talent Courses

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  • Discrimination and Whistleblowing in the Workplace (No FEAR Act)
    • All employees minus contractors, volunteers, emeritus, etc.
      • Required every 2 years
      • Initial Course hours = 1
      • Search DOI Talent Courses for No Fear
  • Prohibited Personnel Practices and Whistleblower (PPP) Training
    • All employees minus contractors, volunteers, emeritus, etc.
      • Every 3 years. Required within 6 months of becoming a Supervisor. Seasonal Supervisors and Managers must complete within 1 month of hire.
      • Initial Course hours =30 minutes
      • Search DOI Talent Courses

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  • Annual Ethics Training
    • All Employees
    • Annually by calendar year
    • Initial Course hours = 1
    • All USGS employees must receive annual ethics training from an ethics counselor or by completing the USGS annual ethics training course in DOI Talent. Course content will vary somewhat from one calendar year to another, so credit will not be given for completing a prior year's course.  Ethics training provided by the Departmental Ethics Office or other DOI bureaus, while informative, does not meet this USGS training requirement.
  • New Employee Initial Ethics Orientation Training
    • All New Employees
      • Within 3 months of appointment as a Federal employee
      • Initial Course hours = 1
      • New Employees must receive New Employee Initial Ethics Orientation Training from an ethics counselor or by completing the current year's USGS annual ethics training course in DOI Talent. This requirement is in addition to the requirement that Human Resources provide new employees with a copy of (or a link to) the Ethics Guide for DOI Employees. New employees are entitled to 1 hour of duty time to review the Ethics Guide for DOI Employees.

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Information Technology

  • Cyber-Awareness Challenge (FISSA) 2019 and 2019 DOI Rules of Behavior (ROB) AND ADD this piece after (ROB) in column 1: IMT: Privacy Act, Records Management, and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) Awareness Training
    • Required for anyone who uses government computers.
      • Annually by fiscal year
      • Search DOI Talent Courses
  • Role Based Security Training (RBST)
    • IT Employees who are considered to have IT Security Responsibilities. 
      • Search DOI Talent Courses
  • Role Based Privacy Training (RBPT)
    • DOI personnel with significant privacy responsibilities.
      • Search DOI Talent Courses

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Program/Project Management (FAC-P/PM)

  • Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM)
    • Employees responsible for managing major capital investment projects
      • Position Specific
      • Initial Course hours = 112 minimum hours
      • Continuous Learning Requirement of 80 CLPs must be earned every two (2) years
      • Acquisition (including COTR training) 24 hrs, Project Management 24 hrs, Interpersonal/Leadership Skills 16 hrs, Government-Specific Skills 24 hrs, Earned Value Management System (EVMS) and Cost Estimating 24 hrs. to maintain the FAC-P/PM Certification.

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Required Training

  • Scientific Integrity
    • All
      • Dependent on Employees Category (see memo)
      • Initial Course hours = 1 hour
      • Search DOI Talent Courses for Scientific Integrity

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Mandatory Safety Training

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  • Supervisory Training
    • All formal Supervisors (Supervisory Status Code 2 and Code 4 in FPPS)
      • Initial supervisory training is required within 1 year of selection to a supervisory position
      • Initial Course hours = varies
      • USGS supervisory course
      • DOI supervisory courses
        • Supervision Fundamentals (online bundle)
        • Supervision for New Supervisors
        • Supervision for Experienced Supervisors
  • Supervisor Refresher Training
  • Veteran Employment Training for Hiring Managers or 2) Veteran Employment Training for Human Resource Professionals
    • All Supervisors, Managers, and Job Series 201 HR Professionals
      • Yearly
      • Initial Course hours = 30 Minutes
      • Search DOI Talent Courses
  • Uniformed Services Employment and Re-employment Rights Act (USERRA)
    • All Supervisors, Managers and Job Series 201 HR Professionals
      • Yearly
      • Initial Course hours = 1 hours
      • Search DOI Talent Courses

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  • Telework Fundamentals - Employee Training
    • Employees and Supervisors who telework.
      • Required one time, before Telework agreement is signed
      • Initial Course hours = 45 Minutes
      • Search DOI Talent Courses
  • Telework Fundamentals - Manager Training
    • Any employee who supervises an employee who is eligible to telework.
      • Once
      • Initial Course hours = 30 Minutes
      • Search DOI Talent Courses

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  • Transit Benefit Integrity Training
    • Any employee who wishes to use the benefit and qualifies per the policy must complete this course
  • Defensive Driving
    • Any  employee, volunteer, emeritus, and contractor including externals operating Govt-owned GSA vehicles or privately owned vehicles regularly as a primary duty on an on-going daily basis, e.g., shuttle bus, field vehicle, or personally owned sedan/truck for field activities, initial and refresher training applies.
      • Every 3 years based on your last completion date
      • Initial Course hours = 4 hours
      • and enter a Vehicle Tag Number which you get from your fleet person or Regional GSA Rep. If you drive a Govt. vehicle not owned by GSA, you need to seek out other alternatives at this time.

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