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National Training Center

The USGS National Training Center (NTC) is a full-service technology-enabled training facility located in the Denver Federal Center with classrooms designed to accommodate events for up to 40 participants.

Our classrooms and break out areas are equipped with integrated audio/visual systems and wireless Internet. Whether you need a traditional or virtual classroom, with or without computers, the NTC Team is ready to support your needs. 

To address recommendations from the achieving cost efficiencies for science (ACES) team report, DOI University is cost sharing rent for the NTC event rooms. To ensure you get your desired dates, we recommend making reservations 3-6 months in advance. Contact Nancy Gregory, or 303-445-4668.


Rooms Available at the National Training Center

View the gallery below to see all the rooms available to use at the National Training Center. PDF version


INSTRUCTORS: We need your help!

We have heard from our students that time constraints and travel are challenges to access needed training, leaving many under-trained. NTC staff can assist instructors with a Virtual Classroom.


  • Attending remotely eliminates travel cost of up to $2,000 per week-long class.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of your course
  • Extend the reach of your training to those unable to travel.

Contact Nancy at or 303-445-4668


Deployable Laptops

Let us ship the classroom to you. Need computers for training conducted at your location? Consider deployable laptops. It's simple, just open the box!


  • Saves you and your staff time rounding up local office computers
  • NTC Team provides consulting and real-time support
  • All platforms are identical, so software runs the same
  • High memory capacity supports most applications
  • Each laptop is pre-loaded with any software you provide

Contact Ralph Roland at or 303-445-4678


Event Planning Services

Nancy Gregory provides event planning and execution services which can be tailored to meet your needs including:

  • Event management
  • Roster management
  • Training announcements
  • Lodging coordination
  • Class evaluations
  • Electronic notebooks
  • Onsite support
  • Tuition: Calculating costs, setting and collecting tuition 
  • And many more services

Contact Nancy at or 303-445-4668


RETURNING: Learning Exchanges

In order to provide continuous learning opportunities starting in January we will be offering bi-monthly Learning Exchanges which are open to all USGS employees. Each exchange focuses on a particular topic pertinent to leadership development, supervisory skills, mentor partnerships, human resources, and/or the USGS in general.

Each Learning Exchange, a subject matter expert is invited to teach and share on a specific topic. Participants are encouraged to question, comment and contribute during the exchange. Learning exchanges are aimed at addressing the issues and questions that are relevant to you on the job and beyond.

A Learning Exchange is a 1 hour Webex and are always offered at the same time no matter what day they are held. This helps to ensure that individuals are able to attend from all across the country, from Puerto Rico to Hawaii. 

For information on becoming a subject matter expert instructor or any questions contact Nancy Gregory at 303-445-4668 or


Patricia M Gonwa

Supervisory, IT Specialist
Office of Employee Development
Phone: 303-445-4680

Ralph Roland

IT Specialist
Office of Employee Development
Phone: 303-445-4678

Nancy Gregory

Training Specialist
Office of Employee Development
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