Human Capital

Peer Support Workers

The Peer Support Worker Program was created to promote awareness and provide outreach and education on topics and policies related to anti-harassment, discrimination, biases, and scientific integrity, and is led by the USGS Civility and Inclusion Council. For more information, please contact the Civility and Inclusion Council Chair (Tina Roberts-Ashby).

Region Center Peer Support Worker
Alaska Region Alaska Science Center Ryan Toohey, Physical Scientist,, 907-865-7802
Southeast Region Wetlands and Aquatic Research Center - Layette, LA Lori Randall, Biologist,, 337-266-8665
Southeast Region Wetlands and Aquatic Research Center - Gainesville, FL Amy Teague, Wildlife Bilogist,, 352-264-3558
Southwest Region Southwest Biological Science Centers Hilda Smith, Biological Science Technician,, 928-556-7532
Southwest Region Flagstaff Field Center  
Pacific Region California Water Science Center Megan Schmer, Hydrologic Technician,, 858-679-4015
Midwest Region Eastern Energy Resources Science Center; 
Eastern Mineral and Environmental Resources Science Center
Anne Scott, Physical Science Technician,, 703-648-6476
Midwest Region Indiana-Kentucky Water Science Center Catherine Fargen, Hydrologist,, 502-493-1945


Jo-Ann Dominique — Mobile phone number: 916-995-3150


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