Aquatic Ecology Group

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The California Water Science Center's Aquatic Ecology Group is making great strides in research and reporting.

USGS field crew pulls a SmeltCam from the waters of the Sacramento Deepwater Ship Channel

Members of USGS Aquatic Ecology Group pull a "SmeltCam" from the waters of the Sacramento Deepwater Ship Channel. A SmeltCam is an underwater camera that indentifies fish passing through a net. This data is used to study the presence, population, and daily movement of fishLearn more.

The Aquatic Ecology Group at the US Geological Survey’s California Water Science Center is a team of scientists working to solve important natural science challenges facing society.

Our research covers all aspects of aquatic ecology with a focus on freshwater, estuarine and marine fishes and environments. Particular topics include:

  • Water resources
  • Threatened and endangered species
  • Fish habitat
  • Food web dynamics
  • Climate change
  • Drought

We work closely with scientists in other disciplines at USGS to tackle challenges with comprehensive, interdisciplinary research. A particular strength of our group is the ability to use new technology to generate novel solutions to natural resource problems. We also maintain active collaborations with many federal, state, and local agencies, and universities.