Monitoring Streamflow in Remote Headwater Streams

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Remote headwater streams are important sources of water that are not well understood. Working with other USGS science centers across the country, we are developing methods for estimating streamflow in these environments. Data from these efforts will contribute to improving our understanding of water availability and how drought may be affecting these stream ecosystems. 

Our study objectives are to:

  • Facilitate the selection, design, installation, and operation of ecohydraulic monitoring networks in headwater streams in drought-prone watersheds,
  • Advance monitoring techniques, their utility, supporting documentation, and data as a foundation for a USGS drought monitoring program, and
  • Document techniques that can be used to monitor streamflow in headwaters environments, particularly during low flows.
USGS hydrologist using velocity rod to estimate streamflow

A USGS hydrologist uses a velocity rod to estimate streamflow as part of a project to develop methods for monitoring streamflow in remote headwater streams.

(Public domain.)