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The list below includes official USGS publications and journal articles authored by New England Water Science Center scientists. The USGS Pubs Warehouse link provides access to all USSG publications.

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Walden Pond, Massachusetts: Environmental setting and current investigations

Introduction Walden Pond, in Concord, Massachusetts, is famous among lakes because of its unique social history. Walden was the setting for American naturalist Henry David Thoreau's well-known essay 'Walden; or, Life in the Woods,' first published in 1854. Thoreau lived and wrote at Walden Pond from July 1845 to September 1847. In 'Walden,' Thoreau combined highly admired writing on Transcenden

Probable high ground-water levels in Massachusetts

Water-level records from an observation-well network are analyzed for utility in estimating probable high ground-water levels in three different geohydrologic environments in Massachusetts. Analyses were made of 83 observation wells with between 8 and 37 years of records. Maximum annual water levels occur most frequently in March and April. The maximum range of water levels equaled or exceeded at

Regional evaluations of acid deposition effects on forests: Eastern spruce-fir

Having reviewed the results of the Integrated Forest Study (IFS) project, we now try to place the results in a larger perspective by very briefly summarizing acid deposition effects and their potential role in forest health in the several forest types represented in the IFS project. This chapter gives brief overviews of the situation in eastern spruce-fir, eastern hardwood, and southern pine fores

Aluminum in soil solutions from a subalpine spruce-fir forest at Whiteface Mountain, New York

Direct or indirect Al toxicity has been suggested as a principal factor in forest tree declines. We monitored ambient soil solutions in undisturbed and experimentally manipulated soils from a fir [Abies balsamea (L.) Mill.]-spruce forest on Whiteface Mountain, NY, in order to characterize soil solution Al concentrations over a range of acid anion loadings. Under both natural and experimental condi

Redistribution of soil nitrogen, carbon and organic matter by mechanical disturbance during whole-tree harvesting in northern hardwoods

To investigate whether mechanical mixing during harvesting could account for losses observed from forest floor, we measured surface disturbance on a 22 ha watershed that was whole-tree harvested. Surface soil on each 10 cm interval along 81, randomly placed transects was classified immediately after harvesting as mineral or organic, and as undisturbed, depressed, rutted, mounded, scarified, or sca