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Employee Directory

Job Title Name Email Phone
Hydrologist Elizabeth Ahearn 860-291-6745
IT Specialist Sean Andrews 207-626-6622
Supervisory Hydrologist Denise Argue 603-226-7833
Hydrologist Ian Phillip Armstrong, M.S. 207-616-1260
Hydrologist David S Armstrong 508-490-5060
Budget Analyst Amanda L Arsenault 207-626-6617
Supervisory Hydrologist Joseph Ayotte 603-226-7810
Hydrologic Technician Samuel Banas 508-490-5027
Hydrologic Technician Stephen C Banulski 207-418-5161
Supervisory Hydrologist Jeffrey R Barbaro 508-490-5065
Hydrologist Janet Barclay 860-291-6763
Chief, Hydrologic Interpretive Branch Paul Barlow 508-490-5070
Hydrologic Technician Michael Beardsley 207-626-6608
Hydrologic Technician Casey Beaudoin 508-490-5019
Biologist Karen M Beaulieu 860-291-6756
Deputy Director Marcel Belaval 508-490-5040
Budget Analyst Laurie J Beley 860-291-6750
Hydrologist Joseph Bell 802-828-4479
Hydrologist Gardner Bent 508-490-5041
Hydrologist Adam Benthem 603-226-7843
Physical Scientist David Bjerklie, Ph.D. 860-291-6740
Administrative Operations Assistant Schuyler Bogue 603-226-7851
Hydrologic Technician Ryan Bottorff 860-291-6780
Hydrologic Technician Robert Bradley 508-490-5044
Research Hydrologist Craig J Brown, Ph.D. 860-291-6766
IT Specialist Todd Browne 860-291-6780
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Christopher Robert Bruet 508-490-5042
Center Director Johnathan R Bumgarner 508-490-5010
Hydrologic Technician Alex Butcher 508-490-5000
Hydrologic Technician Kimberly W Campo 508-490-5018
Hydrologist Carl S Carlson 508-490-5047
Physical Scientist Lisa Carper 802-828-4479
Hydrologic Technician Christopher Carter 508-490-5062
Physical Scientist Catherine (Cathy) Chamberlin 508-490-5050
Hydrologic Technician Andrew Cloutier 207-626-6605
Physical Scientist Andrew Collins 207-626-6611
Hydrologist Michael Colombo 860-291-6751
Hydrologic Technician Brendan James Crowley 508-450-0336
Hydrologic Technician Kalman Csigi 508-490-5036
Hydrologic Technician CDSPC/CDEPC Training Coordinator Jason R. Cyr 207-485-2312
Hydrologist James Richard Degnan 603-226-7826
Hydrologist Leslie A DeSimone 508-490-5023
Hydrologic Technician Narcyz Dubicki, Jr. 860-291-6740
Supervisory Hydrologist Robert Dudley 207-626-6615
Hydrologic Technician Kyle Fronte 508-490-5032
Hydrologic Technician Todd Geiger 508-490-5031
Hydrologic Technician Henry Gilman 207-626-6641
Hydrologic Technician Connor Gregoire 860-291-6740
Hydrologist  Gina Groseclose 860-291-6775
Hydrologic Technician Maxwell Hankard 603-226-7813
Hydrologic Technician Danny J Hansen 860-291-6740
Physical Scientist Laura Harrington 508-490-5043
Research Hydrologist Philip T. Harte, P.G. 803-750-6113
Physical Scientist / GIS Analyst Laura Hayes 603-226-7835
Hydrologic Technician Jacob Hirsh 508-490-5000
Research Hydrologist Glenn Hodgkins 207-626-6621
Hydrologist Madeleine Holland 508-490-5028
Hydrologic Technician Guy Holzer 860-291-6744
Scientist Emeritus Thomas G Huntington, Ph.D. 207-626-6610
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Brittney Izbicki 860-291-6776
Hydrologic Technician Samuel Jacob 603-226-7800
Hydrologic Technician Donald Joseph Jeandervin 860-291-6742
Physical Scientist Rena Kalmon 207-626-6646
Hydrologic Technician Chandlee Keirstead 603-226-7821
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Richard Kiah 603-226-7819
Hydrologic Technician Joel Kneisley 603-226-7800
Hydrologic Technician Kaitlin L Laabs 860-291-6777
Physical Scientist Kristina Labrie 508-490-5028
Hydrologic Technician Jennifer Lafayette 860-895-7314
Hydrologic Technician Thatcher Larrabee 207-626-6635
Research Hydrologist Denis R LeBlanc 508-490-5030
Hydrologist James LeNoir 508-490-5078
Hydrologic Technician Tabatha Lewis 860-291-6740
Hydrologic Technician Amelia Lewis 603-226-7800
Hydrologist Hayley Lind 508-490-5000
Hydrologic Technician Justin D Link 508-490-5077
Hydrologic Technician Daniel Pierce Littlefield 860-291-6740
Research Hydrologist Melissa A Lombard 603-226-7816
Supervisory Hydrologist Pamela Lombard 207-626-6630
Administrative Operations Assistant Deanna Lotz 860-291-6740
Physical Scientist Allen Wayne Lyon 860-291-6740
Physical Scientist Omar Mahmoud 860-559-7595
Hydrologic Technician John Malcom 207-458-3317
Physical Scientist Joseph W Martin 860-291-6752
Physical Scientist Andrew J Massey 508-490-5037
Physical Scientist Caroline Mazo 860-291-6782
Hydrologist Meghan Mccallister 508-490-5073
Hydrologist Brendan McCarthy 207-626-6648
Physical Scientist Dee-Ann McCarthy 860-291-6762
Hydrologist Timothy D McCobb 508-490-5016
Hydrologic Technician Patrick McNamara 860-305-4104
Hydrologic Technician Gordon McQuaid 508-490-5075
Hydrologist Maxwell Meadows 860-291-6740
Hydrologist Laura Medalie 802-828-4512
Student Trainee (Hydrology) Reginald Maxwell Minor, II 860-291-6740
Hydrologic Technician Brianna Minor 207-626-6644
Research Hydrologist Richard Bridge Moore 603-226-7825
Chief, Applied Hydrology Branch Jonathan Morrison 860-291-6761
Hydrologic Technician Anthony Motta 508-490-5059
Hydrologist (Geol) John R Mullaney 860-291-6760
IT Specialist David Munsey 603-226-7814
Hydrologic Technician Domenic Murino 603-226-7800
Physical Scientist Sarah Y. Murphy, Ph.D. 207-530-2630
Hydrologic Technician James Richard Nadeau 207-626-6623
Hydrologic Technician Brian J Nelson 508-490-5024
Hydrologist Scott A Olson 603-226-7815
Hydrologic Technician Michael Paradis 207-626-6600
Hydrologic Technician Rachel Pearson 860-874-7565
Hydrologic Technician Nigel Pepin 860-291-6753
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Jason Pollender 508-490-5064
Hydrologic Technician Jeremiah Pomerleau 207-626-6614
Hydrologic technician Matthew Porter 207-607-1628
Hydrologic Technician Zachary Rand 508-490-5000
Hydrologic Technician Julianna Reynolds 508-490-5072
Information Specialist Katrina M. Rossos 860-291-6740
Hydrologic Technician Jeffrey Rowan 603-226-7800
Administrative Operations Asst (OA) Denise Rudolph 508-490-5061
Hydrologist Leah M Santangelo 603-226-7800
Hydrologic Technician Meghan Santos 508-490-5052
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Timothy C Sargent 860-291-6754
Hydrologist Jennifer Given Savoie 508-490-5033
Hydrologist Luther Schalk 207-626-6603
Physical Scientist Amanda Schoen 207-626-6638
IT Specialist David A Scolamiero 508-490-5051
Hydrologist Patrick Scordato 508-490-5058
Budget Analyst Melissa Shaffer 508-490-5020
Research Hydrologist James Shanley 802-828-4466
Hydrologic Technician Annabelle Skalski 860-780-4230
Hydrologic Technician Maria Rose Skarzynski 860-291-6740
Physical Scientist Tomas W. Smieszek 508-490-5008
Hydrologist Travis L Smith 802-828-4479
Administrative Operations Assistant Melissa Mae Smith 603-226-7800
Supervisory Physical Scientist Kirk Smith 508-490-5057
Hydrologic Technician Paul Solis 860-291-6767
Hydrologist Jason Sorenson 508-490-5022
Hydrologist Alana Burton Spaetzel 508-490-5045
Hydrologic Technician Virginia Stanley 860-291-6743
Hydrologist Jennifer Stanton 508-490-5063
Supervisory Hydrologic Technician Nicholas Stasulis 207-626-6612
Physical Scientist - GIS Pete Steeves 508-490-5054
Hydrologic Technician Sean G Stewart, B.S. 603-226-7845
Physical Scientist Briana Stewart 603-226-7800
Chief, Hydrologic Monitoring Branch Gregory J Stewart, P.E. 207-626-6618
Physical Scientist Luke Sturtevant 207-626-6624
Hydrologic Technician Sean Thiboldeaux 207-626-6600
Research Hydrologist Andrea Tokranov 508-490-5017
Hydrologic Technician Dale Tom 508-490-5046
Physical Scientist Katherine Trickey 207-626-6616
Hydrologist Amanda Tudor 207-626-6600
Hydrologic Technician Anthony Underwood 207-626-6620
Supervisory IT Specialist Dennis J Ventetuolo 508-490-5053
Administrative Operations Assistant Nicholas K Waldron, B.S., B.A. 207-626-6613
Hydrologic Technician Katherine Wares 207-626-6647
Hydrologic Technician Sara Weaver 603-303-2295
Physical Scientist Sydney Marie Welch 603-226-7800
Hydrologic Technician Ryan White 603-226-7848
Hydrologic Technician Henry Witt 860-291-6759
Hydrologic Technician Phillip Woodford 508-490-5021
Hydrologic Technician Curtis Yaeger 508-490-5074