EROS CalVal Center of Excellence (ECCOE)

Landsat Calibration and Validation

ECCOE maintains primary responsibility for radiometric and geometric characterization and Calibration of the Landsat instruments and spacecrafts.  This work includes both the ongoing operations of active Landsat missions, as well as the retired Landsat missions.

Rendering of Landsat 9

A rendering of the Landsat 9 spacecraft.

ECCOE supports Landsat with preflight instrument and spacecraft characterization and Calibration. This includes supporting upcoming missions such as Landsat 9.

ECCOE maintains Landsat mission support data sets such as the Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Ground Control Chips (GCP) Library needed for Level-1 product generation, along with Calibration and characterization support sites and datasets, such as Pseudo Invariant Calibration (PICS) sites and Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) bridge targets.

Visit the Landsat Calibration & Validation page for more details on the work done by ECCOE to support the Landsat Missions.