Science Center Objects

FEDMAP develops new ways to understand basic earth science processes and produces high-quality, multipurpose digital geologic maps, regional analyses, and multidimensional geologic models.  Geologic maps are the primary database for virtually all earth-science applications and issues including mitigation of natural hazards, ground- and surface-water management, land-use management, assessment, and utilization, conservation of natural resources, environmental protection and management, infrastructure development, and resource extraction.

FEDMAP operates within the federal USGS culture of mission-focused projects with outcomes that include map products, and new geologic knowledge and allied research, and is responsive to changing societal and congressional priorities. It is also responsive to the specific needs of sister federal agencies. FEDMAP projects are based on national requirements for geologic map information in areas of multiple-issue need or areas of compelling single-issue need, national requirements for geologic map information in areas where mapping is required to solve critical earth science problems, and the needs of land management agencies of the Department of Interior.

FEDMAP geologic mapping and research is carried out by USGS geologists and geophysicists at three primary USGS Science Centers:  Florence Bascom Science Center (FBSC), Geosciences and Environmental Change Science Center (GEC), and the Geology, Minerals, Energy, and Geophysics Science Center (GMEG)