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The National Map Corps

TNMCorps is an online crowdsourcing mapping project with volunteers successfully editing structures in all 50 States and the U.S. Territories. By updating and verifying structures data, volunteers are making significant contributions to USGS National Structures Database, The National Map, and ultimately U.S. Topo Maps!

revised April 5, 2024

We have exciting changes coming to The National Map Corps (TNMCorps)! 

For the last few years, we’ve been developing a new and improved data editing application. Unfortunately, we’ve hit some bumps in the road that took longer to resolve than we anticipated or hoped, and we’re still not sure when we’ll be able to launch the new TNMCorps map editor. But we greatly appreciate your patience with the project and hope that when it is finished, our new application will provide an improved data collection and editing experience for you. If you haven’t already reviewed our new User Guide and other updated documentation, this is a great time to familiarize yourself with that content!  

We understand this break isn’t ideal for folks using The National Map Corps to accrue volunteer hours for an external requirement, but once it’s up and running the new application will provide a much more efficient editing experience.

We appreciate your patience as we work to bring you a new and improved TNMCorps experience, and we hope you’ll make the switch with us when we are back up and running. In the meantime, we hope you have a nice winter break!  



The new application has some major changes, so our goal is to introduce you to some of those changes. Explore these changes in more detail so you can prepare yourself for the transition and you're ready to jump back in when we relaunch the project. 


Three new structure types

You may have noticed, especially if you are a newer or standard editor, that the number of unedited/red points has rapidly dwindled. It's great that so much data has been updated, which is the whole point of The National Map Corps, but it certainly poses a challenge for new volunteers.

Have no fear! Once the new editor is launched, there will be a three new structure types available to edit:

  1. Campgrounds
  2. Trailheads
  3. Visitor centers


Mapping Challenges

Additionally, editing will be directed via built in mapping challenges focused on fixing specific error types and editing “stale” data (edits older than 3 years), so there will be plenty of easy to find editing for new users. 


Stay in Touch

To ensure you receive our correspondence, please add yourself to our mailing list if you’re not on it already. TNMCorps regularly interacts with volunteers directly via Interactions include virtual badges earned, and additional guidance. Also, our newsletters and announcements are sent from U.S. Geological Survey <>. This account is not monitored so please do not email us here. 

Note: If you're not receiving our messages, it's possible that they're getting caught by a spam filter. To ensure that our messages get through, add both emails to your email account's list of approved senders. We also recommend using a personal email account when signing up since institutional accounts (i.e., *.edu, etc.) tend to have universal filters that prevent our messages from coming through.

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