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Predictions of floodplain and streambank geomorphic change and flux of sediment and nutrients, and streambed characteristics, for stream reaches in the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River watersheds

October 26, 2020

Input predictor variables and output predictions from statistical modeling of floodplains, streambanks, and streambeds for each NHDPlusV2 stream reach in the Chesapeake Bay and Delaware River watersheds of the U.S. Mid-Atlantic. Random Forest statistical models using either 1) characteristics of upstream drainage area, or 2) characteristics of upstream drainage area (Wieczorek et al. 2018, and reach geomorphometry (Hopkins et al. 2020,, were used to explain and predict spatial variation in measured floodplain and streambank flux of sediment, fine sediment, sediment-C, sediment-N, and sediment-P and rates of geomorphic change, and streambed sediment characteristics (d50, cover by fine sediment, cover by fine and sand sediment) (Noe et al. 2020, These predictions were compared to published estimates of upland erosion and delivery of upland erosion to streams (Chesapeake Bay Program,, and catchment export (Ator 2019,