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Results from our Program’s research and minerals information activities are published in USGS publications series as well as in outside journals.  To follow Minerals Information Periodicals, subscribe to the Mineral Periodicals RSS feed.

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Minerals Information Publications

Minerals Information Publications

National Mineral Information Center (NMIC) products focus on the worldwide supply of, demand for, and flow of minerals and materials. These products are organized by mineral commodity, geographic area, or monthly/annual statistical compilation.

NMIC Publications
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Year Published: 1957

Franciscan group in Coast Ranges and its equivalents in Sacramento Valley, California

The Franciscan group is an assemblage of detrital and chemical sedimentary and volcanic rocks that crops out discontinuously in a structurally complex, northwesterly trending belt along the Coast Ranges of Cahfornia. On the east, along the west side of the Sacramento Valley, a thick section of detrital sedimentary rocks has been subdivided into...

Irwin, William P.